The following are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: Help! I’ve forgotten (or never received) my username and password.

A: Try to retrieve it by clicking here – our system will send you a link that you can use to reset your password (please check your spam/junk folders as well). If you do not receive this email please contact our Administrative Contact, who will help you. You will need to quote your HPCSA number.

Q: I experience problems logging in.

A: Please note that the username and password you were supplied with, are all case sensitive. They must be entered exactly as given in the notification. Also, please ensure that there are no accidental spaces – for example, when cutting and pasting from an e-mail, it is easy to accidentally insert an extra space at the end. Also, your username should NOT have a space after the DT.

When contacting us about login problems, please give your HPCSA number. Also, please indicate which link you tried to access when getting the problem. In addition, please mention how many times you had to enter your username and password prior to receiving an “access denied” message.

Q: The new questionnaire/article/session is supposed to be available according to the dates you mentioned, but it isn’t. Instead, I still see the previous questionnaire! Why aren’t you updating your page?

A: The system is completely automatic, and new questionnaires/articles/sessions appear automatically at 00h00 GMT on the date specified.

If you are still seeing the previous questionnaire, your browser is probably showing you an old version of the page that it previously stored on your hard-drive cache, instead of retrieving the latest version from our server.

While our software issues explicit instructions to Internet Explorer not to do this, your browser settings may override this. To fix this; please clear your browser’s cache.

Q: I have not yet received an e-mail with my username and password.

A: There are a number of possible reasons:

1. The mail was directed to your spam/junk folder
2. Your mailbox is full and the message could not be delivered.
3. The e-mail address we have on file may be incorrect, or may have been mistyped.
4. We may have incorrectly entered your registration into our database.
5. Although we send out an e-mail, we cannot always guarantee that it is delivered, received or read.

Please try our password recovery service and if this does not help, contact our Administrative Contact who will tell you what your password is. You will need to quote your HPCSA number.

Q: How do I change my password?

A: Log into the system then choose the “Account” option at the top right side of the screen. Click on the option saying “Change Password” and follow the instructions.