Programme: Option A


Symposium 1: Paediatrics
This session will focus on various nutrition challenges facing the neonate and small child with special needs. This includes a hands-on discussion of living with a child with food allergies.

  • Nutritional challenges in the NICU
  • Practical management of food allergies
  • Nutrition challenges in children with autism

Symposium 2: Interactive Case study discussions
You will be able to choose which one of three different case study discussions you want to actively participate in. The focus will be on multi-disciplinary approaches.

  • During this session we will have group discussions of three case studies covering various clinical scenarios

Symposium 3: Ethics session
What is the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care? What are the ethical implications of AI?
These questions will be discussed in this session.
• Practical application of AI and ethics of AI
• Social media – using it to your advantage, but be aware of the pitfalls

FRIDAY 31 MAY 2019

Symposium 4: Obesity updates
We are experiencing an obesity epidemic and are constantly challenged by new techniques and management approaches. This session will provide a practical demonstration and interpretation of the latest bioelectrical impedance measurements, inclusive of phase angle.

  • New techniques to assess body composition (BAI, phase angle)
  • Intermittent fasting: is this the answer we have been looking for?
  • Nutritional management post Bariatric-surgery

Symposium 5: Gut health
During this session, we will debate what drives gut health: the brain (psychological drivers) versus the gut content (microbiome)

  • Gut-brain interaction: Psychological input
  • Microbiome controls all

Symposium 6: New consensus guidelines
Consensus guidelines and practical recommendations are released every few months and it remains a challenge to keep up to date with all the information. During this session, we will touch on all the new guidelines published in the past year.

  • A brief summary of all new consensus guidelines published in the past year will be discussed

Symposium 7: Supplement use in today’s times
Our clients are normally the first to know when new supplements are available on the market and will constantly challenge us with questions on suitability and efficacy of these supplements. This session will start with an industry perspective on supplement composition. Then we will discuss some of the most common nutritional supplements in use today.

  • What is new from the Pharmaceutical industry
  • Vitamin D: are we all deficient?
  • Omega 3: Does it make a difference?
  • Micronutrients in everyday use

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